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Burnsville High School senior receives 'Extraordinary Impact Award'

Burnsville High School senior Randy Austreng was nominated and selected for the “Extraordinary Impact Award” from Know the Truth, a program through the Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge that helps restore hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Know the Truth representatives and PE teacher Chad Miller surprise Randy in math class
Randy pictured with his parents

Chad Miller, physical education teacher at Nicollet Junior High and Randy’s mentor, has known Randy and his family for the past four years and was responsible for nominating him for the award.

“Randy is a tremendous young man who displays a great joy every day, “ said Miller. “He shows passion for others and a desire for them to be their best.”

Randy has personally faced many of these challenges in his own family. One of his family members has struggled with substance abuse and has been in and out of drug rehabilitation facilities. Randy has been a major positive influence in this person's life while also having to deal with some of the problems that surface when a loved one is struggling in such a way.

Randy’s mother describes Randy as her “rock,” and he has demonstrated that he is a constant in his family’s life.

“Randy’s love of family, joy of life and ability to be a positive role model make him a man that will continue to make an ‘Extraordinary Impact’ in the lives of the people he comes in contact with,” said Miller. “These traits, along with his integrity, make Randy an outstanding candidate for this award!”

Randy has volunteered for the past three years in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191, leading small groups of junior high students during their seventh-grade retreat. At these retreats, students gain valuable knowledge on how to have courage to face temptations that may come along.  

Know the Truth is a non-religious substance abuse prevention program developed to educate high school and middle school students on addictions and the consequences of their choices and help them tackle their everyday struggles.