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BHS Career Center partners with businesses, community members to provide students with options

As Burnsville High School employs future-focused Pathways next year, which will have students thinking beyond credits and graduation, the goal of the Career Center will be to educate students about the choices available, and assist them in exploring their interests and finding courses that will better prepare them for their future.

Captain Karen Ruth of Delta Airlines talks about  future opportunities in the airline industry.

The BHS Career Center has been a valuable resource for students, parents and teachers in assisting students with all aspects of their college and career planning. Marcia Sexton, the College and Career Specialist, has directed the Career Center for the past nine years and has a wealth of information about college and career readiness.

Sexton is also affiliated with many business and community members who employ many of students. Throughout the years, she has formed great relationships with these individuals and continuously uses her network to help students.

One way she does this is by inviting people from various fields, including aerospace, aviation, computer engineering, education, environmental science, healthcare and law enforcement, to speak to students and introduce them to many different aspects of their field. It’s an opportunity for students to informally talk with adults about their careers. For example, Captain Karen Ruth of Delta Airlines, a graduate of BHS and Hall of Fame inductee, was invited to the Career Center to speak to students about the future of the airline industry, specifically the number of open pilot positions due to retirement. Some of the topics she addressed were education requirements, salary and job outlook. 

“With the new Pathways model, my hope is that the Career Center programs will be integrated into more classrooms,” said Sexton. “I’m also looking forward to incorporating into our programs more business and community members who align with the Pathways. Since nearly 70% of BHS seniors applied to two- and four-year colleges in 2016, students need to be exposed to the different options that the Pathways offer.”   

In addition to the business and community members being invited to the school, Sexton has many special events through the year, including a “College Knowledge Month” in October, college fair, career fair, FAFSA workshops, college and military visits and more.

Students and parents can stay up-to-date on Career Center events via daily announcements on the BHS and Career Center websites, through the Career Center Twitter feed and by visiting the Career Center during the week.    

For more information about the ACE pilot summer camp in Minneapolis, students can visit
Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 09:37