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Government lesson doubles for second-graders at M.W. Savage

Second-grade students at Marion W. Savage Elementary recently connected with not one, but two, elected officials.

Savage Mayor Janet Williams was scheduled to speak with students about being the mayor as part of their social studies unit on government.

But then Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton invited Williams to be among five metro mayors to talk with him about water quality at the same time she was supposed to be at the school. Williams rescheduled with teacher Annette Grant.

Then at the meeting in St. Paul, Mayor Williams mentioned to Governor Dayton that she’d rescheduled with the second graders in order to meet with him.

“Governor Dayton sat right down, wrote a note to the students and asked that I deliver it to them,” said Williams. “They were thrilled to receive it.” (See content of the Governor’s note, below)

“What an extra special day we had in our 2nd grade classroom community,” said Grant.  

April 20, 2016

Dear Mrs. Grant and 2nd Grade Class,

Thank you for letting me meet with the Mayor this morning. We’re working together to make sure you have clean water for the rest of your lives.

Your Friend,
Mark Dayton






Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 11:46