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Two seniors selected as Triple ‘A’ Award recipients at BHS

There are students who excel in academics, or arts, or athletics.
Then there are students like Emily Carlson and Jared Lozano who excel in all three areas.
That’s why they’ve been selected as the 2016 Triple “A” Award recipients at Burnsville High School.
“Emily and Jared have been very involved and successful and are definitely making the most of their years at Burnsville High School,” said Jeff Marshall, athletics/activities director in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191. “They are amazing, well-rounded students with many talents, interests and accomplishments. They serve as wonderful role models for younger students to follow.”
To qualify as Triple "A" Award recipients, seniors must have a “B” or better grade point average and participate in fine arts activities and athletics sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League. Emily and Jared now move on to consideration at the regional level.
Jared wasn’t always a good student. “I used to mess around and not care but after going to summer school in eighth grade, I got a wake-up call, and realized that if I wanted to be successful I had to get good grades,” he said.
In band since fifth grade, he played the sousaphone in marching band and the tuba in regular band at Burnsville High School. He’s also been a leader in the Swing Dance program since eighth grade.
Joining the Olympic Style Weightlifting team in 10th grade was life-changing. “I aspire to go far in weightlifting,” said Jared, a captain of the team. He qualified for the state meet and will be heading to Junior Nationals in February. “Weightlifting has taught me so much including discipline, and how to be mentally and physically strong.”
“No matter what the activity, Jared always gives 110%,” said Ann Bakken, his teacher at Nicollet Junior High. “Jared’s enthusiasm, kindness and empathetic way with other kids makes them want to do the same.”
Emily has a passion for science and has presented her independent research at regional, state and international levels in the past two years. “I look forward to continuing my project on food safety into its third year and hope to bring new conclusions to light,” she said.
She maintains a high Grade Point Average while taking rigorous AP and College in the School classes at Burnsville High School.
She was a member of the Swing Dance group and has been part of the concert band and pit orchestra and she’s a captain on the softball team.
Emily leads by example, according to Dr. Jennifer Hugstad-Vaa, science teacher at Burnsville High School. “She exemplifies what it means to be a well-rounded individual and to give of herself to help others succeed.”  
Both seniors will be going to college next year. Jared is interested in the field of psychology while Emily plans to study medicine and become a doctor.
Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 08:00