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Apex Fun Run coming to Gideon Pond Nov. 17-30

We are so excited to announce that our school will be participating in the Apex Fun Run this year as our major fundraiser! The Apex program will be with our students from NOVEMBER 17 to NOVEMBER 30 teaching leadership and fitness as we raise pledges to help our school. Please look in your child’s folder and for e-mails that will be sent to you from your teachers as the fun run nears. 

Please feel free to visit to learn about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money while promoting leadership and fitness. This year's theme is Dream Team, where students will join Johnny Dreamer and the Apex team in an exciting journey to learn what it means to become a Dream Team Leader:

  • Dive In!
  • Resourceful!
  • Elevate Others! 
  • Attitude Check!
  • Make A Difference!

During the Apex Fun Run, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30 to help our school. Students will run for 30 minutes and will run an average 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16th of a mile). Sponsors can pledge $1/lap, $2/lap, $5/lap, or any other amount for students. All participants will receive an access code that allows you to enter pledges online.

All students will receive Apex bands, race-day lap counters, and team awards.  We will need your help in the following four ways:

  • Help connect your child to potential sponsors and help them acquire pledges from family, friends and contacts.
  • Ask your child about the “Apex Dream Team” character lessons, and download the “Apex Fun Run” App!
  • Come to the Apex Fun Run and don’t forget to invite others to attend our fun-filled community event.
  • Help volunteer for the race!  We need a few parents to help cheer on students and mark laps.  If you would like to volunteer for your student’s race, please contact PTO VICE-PRESIDENT LISA WEBB at or 612-532-1065 .

Thank you again for continued support of GIDEON POND AND THE NEED FOR A BRAND NEW PLAYGROUND ON OUR CAMPUS.  We are excited to begin this journey with you!

Chris Bellmont, Principal

Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 14:09