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Read with Sioux Trail this summer using MyOn

Dear Sioux Trail Families,

This summer, discover the magic of reading on myON! Here are the amazing facts: 

  • You can choose from over 4,000 digital books – fact  or fiction, cute, funny, scary, gross, exciting, helpful, sci-fi, adventures, classics, picture books, graphic novels, fairy tales and tall tales!   
  • You can read anywhere – at home, in the library, at a friend’s house, at your community center -- on any computer, tablet or other device connected to the Internet!
  • You can read offline using free mobile apps!
  • You can read anytime - during the day, at night, over the weekend and during holidays and vacations! 
  • You can read the same book as many time as you like – and at the same time your friends are reading it! 
  • You can read with your family – by turning on the audio, you can even listen to the book being read to you! 
  • You can use built-in tools to help you read even better! 
  • Everyone in your family may use these books to read no matter their age.

Here is how to get started -  

1. Watch this video:

2. Start reading by clicking onto

  • Click the Log In Now button and enter the following information:
  • School Name: Sioux Trail Elementary
  • User name: read   
  • Password: read
  • Click on submit, select a book and start reading!

Our goal is at least 5 books per students and enjoy reading this summer!!

Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 10:56