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Metcalf Bridges program

This year, William Byrne STEM Elementary partnered with Metcalf's Bridges program to provide tutoring in second grade science classes.

Through the partnership, Bridges students have assisted second graders in learning many exciting science lessons. For example, some lessons include fast and slow changes and landforms, the water cycle and measuring with science tools.

"Working with my tutor is the best!" exclaimed Alec Ericson, as he and his tutor used their sense of touch to finish their matter mystery bag activity.

Metcalf advisor Stephanie Pranschke and William Byrne advisor Tracey Plante hope to continue the project in the future as it has been very beneficial for both schools. The advisors have appreciated the sense of community and the hard work from all of the students that are involved.

Posted: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 10:33