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Students excel at Math Masters competition

Harriet Bishop 6th graders participated in the 6th Grade Math Masters competition on March 6 at Lakeville South High School along with 160 individuals and 33 teams from ISD191 and neighboring districts. 

The com​​petition begins with a round of fact drills where the students have five minutes to complete up to 75 order of operations problems. Harriet Bishop had seven students place in the top 20. Tommy Ordahl led the way by finishing first overall. 

Next the students move on to compete in four individual rounds where in each round they would answer eight difficult problems in a ten minute time span. Harriet Bishop had nine students place in the top 10, and again Tommy Ordahl led the way with a first place overall. 

The competition concluded with 33 teams competing in the team rounds. There were three team rounds scored which ended with a very tight race between several schools. Harriet Bishop finished strong with a first, second and seventh place overall. The students worked extremely hard during the school year and should be very proud of their accomplishments. Math Masters teams are coached by teacher Joe Risteau.

6th Grade Math Masters Teams - 2014-15

Harriet Bishop Black
Yana Khetiya
Tommy Ordahl
Nikhitha Gollamudi
Chris Haekenkamp
Mansfield Yiu

Harriet Bishop Yellow
Logan Menning
Matthew Krzmarzick
Shannon Murray
Nick Hughes
Eric Froebe

Harriet Bishop Green
Everett Sandbo
Jade Haugen
Sophie Herzog
Carson Picard
Matthew Feraru

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 - 10:56