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Metcalf teams win awards at engineering competition

Two teams of Metcalf Junior High students brought home awards from the Fluid Power Challenge at the University of Minnesota in January.

Metcalf Junior High eighth grader Wesley Ho adjusts his teams robotic arm during the Fluid Power Challenge at the University of Minnesota in January.

A skills based competition for 8th grade students, the program challenges students to solve a real-life engineering problem using hydraulics and pneumatics. For this year’s challenge, students had four hours to build a fully functional, three-axis robotic arm that could pick up and place a wooden cylinder on a target location.

The Metcalf team of Miranda Thompson, Catie Wright, Jonathan Butler and Nicholas Gilman won the “Best Portfolio” award, which recognizes the team’s plan and documentation of their work. The other team from Metcalf comprised of Brianna Kirk, Luna Yemane, Olivia Daniels and Grace Dragert won the “Best Teamwork” award.

Other participants at the challenge included Caitlyn Kloeckl, Jessica Nguyen, Welsey Ho, Cormac Pearce, Ben Brekke, Andrew Madonna, Brendan Kielas and Ross Waataja. The teams are led by technology education teachers Steve Brady and Alexander Franks.

For more information about the Fluid Power Challenge, go to  

Metcalf Junior High is located in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191.

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 16:13