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Health Office

The Health Office is a short term facility where ill and injured students and can receive the necessary first aid or rest until they are able to return to class or are placed under their parent/guardian’s care. It is a site for health screening procedures as recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health, a center where health records are located and an area where nursing procedures are done so that students can participate as fully as possible in the least restrictive educational setting. The Burnsville High School Health Office is staffed by Kourtney Beaulieau (LSN), Kim Robison (RN) and Amanda Exley (LPN).

When a child presents with illness symptoms, health office staff will attempt to obtain as much history as possible to determine the extent of the illness and whether the child needs to be excluded. Even if a student is 18 years of age or older, health office staff will still make contact with the parent/guardian or designated emergency contact before allowing the student to leave the school.

If a student has the following, the student should remain home for 24 hrs from the time the child is symptom free: fever above 100.0.; vomiting; diarrhea; new/undiagnosed rash; purulent (pus-like) eye drainage; symptoms of severe illness such as unusual fatigue, uncontrolled cough, difficulty breathing; contagious illness requiring school exclusion. School health offices will follow public health guidelines for excluding children from school who have been diagnosed with an infectious disease.

Becoming Ill at School: In order to excuse a student wanting to go home due to illness after arriving at school, the student must see the school nurse and be evaluated. Once seen, a call will be made to the parent/guardian.The nurse will share the results of her evaluation to determine how best to transport the student home or to a provider if needed. If the student leaves the building due to illness without going through the Health Office, the school nurse will be unable to excuse that absence. The safety of all students is our highest priority so students must check in with office staff whenever leaving the building. In case of illness, they need to check in with the Health Office. Please advise your student if you receive a text or call stating they are ill to go to the school nurse. You will be notified after the student is seen.

Immunizations: Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Public Schools is a member of the No Shots/ No Schools program. Students will not be allowed to start school unless the above documentation is provided to the school district. Families will be referred to their private physician if they have insurance. Families without insurance will be referred to clinics such as the Burnsville Park Nicollet Clinic, Diamondhead Clinic, Public Health Departments or other walk-in clinics in the area such as the Minute Clinic sites.

Medications: Only the Licensed School Nurse or his/her designee, who may include a Health Assistant or another district staff member, may administer medication. Parents are encouraged to schedule short-term medication doses at home whenever possible. There are, however, those situations when a student’s health and/or education could be compromised by not receiving medication during school. The school nurse or his/her designee will be available to assist students in these situations. Parent/guardian is to speak directly to the Health Office Staff regarding medication that the student is taking, either at home or at school. In the event that a Health Assistant receives a request to administer a new medication, the Health Assistant will consult with a Licensed School Nurse/RN prior to administration. For the safety of all students, Health Services does not supply any medication including pain relievers, cold medications or ointments.