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Remote Learning

What is a Remote Learning Day?

On some school days, District 191 may hold a “Remote Learning” day for some or all PreK-12 students who typically attend school in person. 

In some cases, Remote Learning days will be planned in advance. For instance, on the first day of the school year, students in grades 10-12 have a Remote Learning day so that 9th graders can engage in community building, find their classrooms and other activities while the school is less full. 

Sometimes, Remote Learning days are unexpected. For instance, a Remote Learning day may be called because of dangerous winter weather. (Note: The first day of the school year that’s canceled due to unexpected circumstances will be considered a “snow day” and no online instruction will take place.)

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Whatever the reason, Remote Learning days are a resource that allows instruction and learning to continue even when students can’t be at school in person. 

One91 Virtual Academy 

Whether a Remote Learning day is planned or unexpected, Virtual Academy students will attend school as they normally do. However, if a “snow day” is called - such as for the first inclement weather day of the year - then school is canceled for all students, including Virtual Academy students.

As defined by the Minnesota Department of Education:

  • Remote Learning day means a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students' individual teachers due to inclement weather.

  • Each student's teacher must be accessible both online and by telephone during normal school hours on a Remote Learning day to assist students and parents.

  • Notify parents and students at least two hours prior to the normal school start time that students need to follow the Remote Learning day plan for that day.

  • Notify parents and students of the Remote Learning day plan at the beginning of the school year.

  • Accommodations for students without sufficient access to the Internet, hardware or software in their homes. (School administration, teachers, and other staff continually work with families to ensure equitable access to online learning resources including distributing “hot spots” or alternative resources if possible.)

When severe weather affects the school day, District 191 does everything it can to keep families in the know.

  • Website — Pop-up alerts will be posted on the District website at and all school websites
  • Notification phone call —  A phone call will be delivered to all phone numbers on file for all students
  • Email — An email announcement will be delivered to all email addresses on file for all students
  • Text messaging — A text message will be sent to parents who opt in (send "Y" or "YES" to 67587 to receive text messages)
  • Social Media — Announcements will be posted to District 191 Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Local television & radio — Information will be relayed through local television and radio stations

In the event of all emergencies, including those not due to weather, student safety is always the district's top priority. The district will do everything it can to communicate with the families of the students involved in an accurate and timely manner, and through the channels (phone, email, text, social media, etc.) it deems appropriate depending on the circumstances of the emergency.

Learn more about Emergency Notifications.

How does a Remote Learning day work for each grade level?

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