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One91 Virtual Academy

District 191 has created an option called One91 Virtual Academy, a program of Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 that offers high-quality, flexible learning opportunities for families who desire an online-only school option for their students.

One91 Virtual Academy improves on the distance learning families experienced in spring 2020 in the following ways:

  • Increased synchronous learning (at least 120 minutes per day)
  • Flexible grouping for intervention and enrichment
  • Improved communication with teachers via video conferencing
  • New online tools to support learning

The virtual academy serves the unique needs of One91 families, while offering the comparable learning opportunities found in-person in District 191 schools. 

Distance Learning Full Time

All families had the option to choose full-time distance learning by registering for One91 Virtual Academy if they preferred to keep their children home for medical reasons or if they were simply uncomfortable with sending them to school. The academy is taught by One91 teachers and operates independently from the distance/hybrid/in-person models.

Learn more about the One91 Virtual Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Learning

Can I choose 100% distance learning for my child, even if some in-person school is taking place?

Yes. District 191 is offering a 100% distance learning option, called One91 Virtual Academy. Parents are required to register their children in the virtual academy. Registrations for the Virtual Academy closes on August 16. See more information at

If I choose the Virtual Academy, do my children have to stay in it all year?

Registration in the Virtual Academy is for a semester at a time; however, individual needs will always be considered.

What is “synchronous” learning?

During distance learning days and for students in the Virtual Academy, students will have live interaction with licensed teachers and classmates every day. Many classes will take place in a synchronous manner, meaning all students are expected to log in at a specific time and participate in a virtual classroom through video conferencing. 

When attending a virtual meeting, can students leave their cameras off?

Students may be asked to turn cameras on for a short period for attendance purposes. Virtual meeting software will provide the option for students to blur or virtually replace their backgrounds. 

Will there be teachers available for special education and English language services as well as the intervention and enrichment groups mentioned?

Yes. Special education teachers and English Learner teachers will work directly with their students to ensure they receive the support and instruction they need. 

Will honors/advanced placement/concurrent enrollment classes be offered?

Yes. High school students in the Virtual Academy will have access to honors courses and advanced courses (AP/CIS/CE) and may need some additional synchronous learning time. At middle school, whether students are a part of the Virtual Academy or hybrid learning, they will have access to honors classes, along with small group instruction that offers enrichment opportunities.