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Instructional Models

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has outlined three possible scenarios for learning in the coming school year. Schools may move between these scenarios throughout the year based on public health conditions, students and our schools.

Distance Hybrid In person


Students would return to school as usual, but with increased health precautions such as masks, increased cleaning, social distancing and other measures, as recommended by public health experts. 


A combination of in-person and distance learning. Students may be split into groups, where one group attends school in-person some days while the other group participates in distance learning. The groups would alternate so all students would have some in-person interaction. Because of their needs, younger students and students entering a new level (6th grade & 9th grade) might have more in-person time because of the greater need for social interaction and support. Learn more about the hybrid learning model.

Distance Learning 2.0

Continue with distance learning for all students with some changes based on what we learned in the spring thanks to feedback from students, teachers and families. For instance, this may include some “synchronous” instruction, meaning times when students are online at the same time as their teachers. It may also include some in-person experiences for students who have specific needs. Learn more about distance learning.