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Stakeholders & Design Team

Community voice will be an important part of the facilities realignment process. Here are some of the groups of people who will contribute and their roles.

School Closure Process

Options Teams: These groups will have roles ensuring the district fully engages stakeholders and in developing the recommendations that are presented to the Board of Education, reflecting that engagement.

  • Admin. Team - Principals and district administration

  • Design Team - Principals with “Delegate” stakeholders from each school (Ambassadors Model) 

Stakeholder Voice: These input opportunities will ensure the recommendations reflect the values and priorities of the One91 community.

  • Cluster Focus Groups (1 per Middle School site) - Open events for parents of elementary and middle schools that fall within particular area of the district. One will be held at each middle school. 

  • Other Focus Groups (3)

  • Staff members at each school site

  • Other community events / input opportunities

Attendance Boundary Process

Options Teams: This group will be responsible for analyzing data including where current students live, student demographics, potential future development that might affect enrollment, transportation concerns and more, and developing options for new attendance boundaries.

  • Design Team - District staff and community leader 

Stakeholder Voice: Community members will have opportunities to provide feedback on attendance boundary options prior to a recommendation coming to the board. Details about these opportunities are still being worked out, but they are expected to take place in January.