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Facilities Process Timeline

District 191 is committed to engaging our community in meaningful ways so that we can make the best decision for the One91 community and so that our schools and programs will come out stronger and better able to serve our students. 

School Closure Process

District 191 has hired a neutral, third-party consultant with expertise in school facilities changes to manage the process and eventually bring recommendations to the Board of Education. 

  • Sept. 23 - Design Team meets to review and provide input on process

  • September & October - Meetings with Staff

  • Oct. 2-15  - Community and Student Focus Groups (8 total) 

  • Week of Oct. 21 - Examination of Data/Strategy Planning

  • Week of Oct. 28 - Consultant and Administration Review and Verify School Closing Criteria

Choice Making: November-December 

  • Nov. 4 - Preparation of Board Recommendations

  • Nov. 14 - Present Identified Recommendations to School Board

  • Dec. 4 - Public Hearing per MN statute 123B.51 Subd 5

  • Dec. 12 - Board Action on Proposal

Attendance Boundary Process

As part of the Facilities Realignment process and with the potential for closing two elementary schools and one middle school, District 191 will need to alter its current attendance boundaries.
Attendance boundaries define which students attend each school. Despite significant changes in District 191’s population and enrollment, the district hasn’t changed its attendance boundaries since Harriet Bishop Elementary School and Eagle Ridge Middle School opened in 1996. 

Tentative Timeline (dependent on school closure process)

  • November-December: Design Team will begin analyzing data, including where current students live, student demographics, potential future developments that might affect enrollment, transportation consideration, etc.

  • December: Design Team will develop options for new attendance boundaries

  • January: Stakeholder input opportunities

  • Jan. 23: Present recommendation to Board of Education

  • Early February: Board takes action to adopt new Attendance Boundaries

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