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Project KIDS

Project KIDS is an exciting before- and after-school program for elementary-aged students. The curriculum is based on the needs and interests of the children at each site. Kids have opportunities to provide input into what types of activities and projects are available and the physical make up of the environment. Allowing children to participate in this way follows best practice, helps to develop independence while fostering community and keeps kids engaged and interested in what is happening in the program. We welcome and look forward to meeting your family’s before- and after-school needs.

Project KIDS Staff

Each Project KIDS site is staffed with individuals who have a passion for and experience in before- and after-school programming for children. Our staff recognizes the importance of pairing social and recreational activities, as well as educational components, in non-school time. Our school-age care professionals have a range of knowledge and backgrounds in education, recreation and child development.

Learn more about Project KIDS on the 191 Community Education site

Student Child Care Form

This form is available at the Enrollment Center and at every elementary school building. You can also fill out the form online. It allows the school to know if your student will be going to and/or from a child care provider.