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Attendance Boundaries

As part of our Facilities Realignment work, District 191 adopted new attendance boundaries starting with the 2020-2021 school year. 

Attendance boundaries define which school a student attends based on where they live. They help ensure school buildings are used efficiently and that resources are distributed equitably. 

Students who attend their assigned home school are guaranteed a place in that school and provided transportation, if they live outside the walk area. Students may also apply for a variance to attend a school other than their assigned home school. Variances are not guaranteed and no transportation is provided.

Please contact the Enrollment Center at 952-707-4180 if you are unsure which school is your neighborhood school.

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Questions & Answers


About program changes

About attendance boundary changes, attending new schools

How can I get to know my child’s new school after attendance boundaries are announced?

Each elementary and middle school will offer welcoming events throughout the winter and spring so that students and families can get to know their new schools, meet staff members, and start building new relationships. Specific dates will be shared by the schools, posted on their websites and through social media. Families are always welcome to request a tour of a school by contacting the school office.

Additional opportunities to get to know new classmates and teachers will happen before the start of the 2020-21 school year, as well. Every effort will be made to ensure students who change schools will feel welcome and cared for at their new school. 

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How will having fewer schools affect class size?

The average class sizes across District 191 should remain fairly constant. However, there should be more balanced class sizes across the district and fewer “hot spots” with very large or very small classes. 

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How will attendance variances (students who attend schools other than their assigned school) be handled after attendance boundaries change?

Following the adoption of new attendance boundaries, the district will continue to follow it’s Variance Policy (#509.5) for the 2020-21 school year, which means:

  • All current variances would continue into next year and future years, if the family chooses to do so, and 

  • Students transitioning from elementary to middle school would have to apply for a variance, if desired.

In addition, the selection priorities for 2020-21 new variance applications as follows:

  • Families who wish to remain at the neighborhood school they attended in 2019-20 (for example, if your assigned home school changes from Hidden Valley to Harriet Bishop as part of the attendance boundary changes, but you want your children to continue at Hidden Valley.)

  • Siblings of enrolled students

  • Children of staff working at that location

  • Needs based on daycare location

Learn more about Variance Requests.


If I enroll my child in kindergarten now, what school will they be assigned to attend?
Parents/guardians will be notified of their child's final school of attendance once new attendance boundaries are adopted.
If my student is assigned to a new school, will they still receive transportation to their new school?

The District provides transportation to and from school for elementary students who live more than one mile from their school and secondary (middle and high school) students who live more than 1.5 miles from their school. In addition, students who would have to cross a hazardous road or other feature in order to walk to school are also provided busing. The District 191 transportation policy (Policy #707) is available online. Exact walking zones will be established after new attendance boundaries are set.
Will bus rides be longer?

The length of a student’s bus ride may change next year depending on what school they attend, but in general, bus rides should not be greatly affected. The district is committed to keeping the longest rides no more than 50 minutes, and the average ride time will still be much less than that. 

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What will be the policy / guidelines for Open Enrollment?

Families who wish to open enroll from other districts into District 191 will be able to follow the same practices that are currently in place. 

About program changes

How will elementary schools be improved moving forward?

Starting in 2020-21, all District 191 elementary schools will be “Pathways” schools. This model builds on the work we are already doing well in our elementary schools – including our successful new literacy curriculum, makerspaces at every school, and digital literacy curriculum – and it also aligns with the successful Pathways model at Burnsville High School that helps students find their passions, understand how classes and careers fit together, and prepare for success after graduation. 

As Pathways schools, every elementary site will have rich experiences and targeted exposure to all four Pathways:

  • Arts, Communications and Literacy

  • Design, Engineering and STEM

  • Health, Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning, and

  • Entrepreneurship.

That means every site will have STEM experiences, every site will have arts and technology experiences, and every school will provide enrichment for our gifted and talented students. No matter what site your children attend in District 191, they will be part of these rich Pathway experiences. 

You can learn more by attending informational meetings at each elementary school, or online at

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Will every school have a pre-kindergarten option?

Yes. We are leaving space for at least one pre-kindergarten classroom at each elementary school. These early learning programs have been very successful, and having a program in the elementary school is a great way to build community. 

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