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Is my child too sick for school?

Is my child too sick for school?

District 191 is committed to keeping our schools healthy and safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Screening for illness and staying home when ill is foundational in this process. Your partnership is required in achieving this goal. Each household is asked to assess their child’s health daily at home, prior to leaving for school. 

Below you will find the Home Screening Checklist. Failure to answer no to each question indicates that your child is experiencing an illness and/or has had a recent exposure to a COVID-19 positive individual and should stay home. Please contact your school’s attendance line with this information or your school health office.  

District Health Services follows the Minnesota Department of Health Decision Tree for when deciding  to have students remain at home or go home with illness.  

Spanish Decision Tree        Somali Decision Tree       Hmong Decision Tree

Home Screening Checklist

Home Screening Checklist

If you have any questions regarding your child's illness or the above information, please call your school nurse or your family physician.