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Health Screenings

Every school year, students participate in grade level health screening. Students also receive hearing and/or vision screening upon request from their parents or guardians or if the teacher suspects that there may be a hearing or vision concern that is affecting the student's ability to learn. We also attempt to conduct a hearing and vision screening on students who are new to District 191.

The following is a list of the type of screening and the grade levels that are tested:

  • Vision: Grades 1,3,5 and 7
  • Color Vision: Grade 1 (males only) 

If your child fails any part of the hearing and vision screening following the MN Department of Health guidelines, the health office will re-screen the child 1-2 weeks later to verify the results. If the student fails the second screening, a letter will be sent home with the student outlining the findings and recommendation for follow-up with a physician.

If at any time you question your child's hearing or vision, feel free to contact the health office.

If you do not wish for your child to receive health screening, please inform your school health office.