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Meal Accounts

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2019-20 Food and Nutrition Services Information

When a student registers in District 191, the Food and Nutrition Services department creates a meal account for the student with a unique personal identification number (PIN). The student enters this PIN into a keypad at the cashier station in the cafeteria to pay for meals and a la carte foods and beverages. Students keep the same PIN from year to year while enrolled in the district.

Depositing money into accounts is best accomplished using FeePay (note it takes between 24 and 48 hours to get funds into the student account at the school). Parents/Guardians access FeePay at There is a fee to parents/guardians for using the online payment system.
Checks may also be sent to school with your student and placed in the check deposit box or given to the Food Service Manager. Checks should be made out to ISD 191 Food Service. Please write the name of the student and their PIN on the memo line of your check. Cash may also be sent with your student, however, we discourage this practice.

All food, beverage, and meals are to be pre-paid before service begins. Once a student's meal account falls below $0 (zero dollars), we will follow the Student Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure. Click the links below to view the current procedures effective 7/1/19.
Student Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure- English
Student Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure - Spanish 
Student Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure - Somali 

 If you are in need of financial assistance, complete the Application for Educational Benefits at any time during the school year.

District employees must use meal accounts to make purchases. To review adult meal information and/or to request a meal account, go the Online Forms section in Staff Central.  

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How soon will my payment be added to my student's meal account?
Check or cash payments are typically entered the same day they are received by your student. FeePay payments are usually in meal account within 24 hours.  All payments should be reflected in FeePay by the next school day.

How will I know what my student's account balance is?
You can see your student’s account balance at any time on the FeePay online payment system by clicking on Meal Accounts.

How will I know when my student’s account needs more money?
In FeePay, you can choose to receive an e-mail alert when your student’s account balance reaches a specific level that you set. Click on Edit Alerts in the FeePay online payment system to set your preferences. Middle schools and high school students may bring written reminders home if they wish. If requested by the student, cashiers may tell a student his or her balance.  Elementary students may ask for a hand stamp of a smiley face on their hand or wrist. 

How can I see all the payments made to my student’s account?
You can see all payments made online or by cash or check to your child’s account – along with all of your student’s food and beverage purchases – for any range of dates by clicking on Lunch Details in the FeePay online payment system.

How can I transfer money between students? How do I request a refund? May I donate my student's remaining balance to another student?
Money may be moved from one student's account to another or donated to a general fund by completing a request form. If money is left in an account upon graduation, or a student moves out of the district, a refund can be obtained by sending a request form to the district Food Service office. At the end of each school year, we automatically transfer funds from graduating students to siblings, if siblings are enrolled in the district. Refunds will only be issued in amounts of $10.00 or greater. You may donate any amount on your student's account to another student. Click here for the Donate/Transfer/Refund Request form

May I donate money to meal accounts? 
We accept donations in any amount at our district office. Donors may make specific requests about how the funds may be used (such as negative balances at a specific school) or we will follow internal procedures to make the greatest impact on the most students possible. Donors may be recognized by the school board or remain anonymous. Email or call 952-707-2051 to discuss your desire to make a monetary donation. 

How are non-sufficient funds checks handled?
eZCheckNet handles all non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks electronically and they assess a $30 fee to all NSF checks. eZCheckNet may be contacted directly at 1-800-826-8185. When a check is returned to us (NSF, Closed Account, etc.) we block all accounts in the household from taking additional check deposits - regardless of who has written the check. We also deduct the payment from the meal account associated with the check. Once the NSF check is made good through eZCheckNet the block is lifted from all accounts and the payment is added back to the individual meal account.

Is there a fee to use FeePay?
To cover the cost of providing the FeePay online option for paying registration costs and adding money to meal accounts, users of FeePay will incur a 4.29% per transaction fee beginning on July 1, 2019. This will include any registrations that use the FeePay service, including meal accounts, athletics and activities, and parking lot passes at Burnsville High School. To avoid transaction fees, payments may also be made with cash or by check, either at the school office for activities, athletics and parking, or school cafeteria deposit boxes for meal accounts. Checks for meal accounts make payable to ISD 191 Food Service. Please write the name of the student and their PIN on the memo line of your check.