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Meal Prices

Thanks to a federal program, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 will provide free meals to all children ages 1-18 on all scheduled, instructional school days, including in-person and distance learning days. This will begin Sep 10 and continue through Dec. 31, 2020 or until funding is exhausted. Meal prices for adults during this time frame are $2.40 for breakfast and $4.15 for lunch. Please be aware this information may change rapidly and frequently. 

After Dec 31, 2020 or when the federal program funding is no longer available, meal prices will be as listed the following charts. To learn how to pay for meals, please see the Meal Accounts tab. 

Meal prices for In-Person Learning Days are listed below.   

PreSchool enrolled students receive breakfast only and this is free of charge.  

Meal prices for Distance Learning Days will consist of breakfast and lunch bundled together for one price.  
Kindergarten student price is $2.80;  Elementary student price is $4.40; Secondary Student price is $4.50. PreSchool enrolled students are offered breakfast only at no charge. Students who qualify fior educational benefits have no charge for meals. 

Meal Prices
Milk is included in the meal price. The monthly cost is based on 20 days per month; yearly cost is based on 170 days. Extra milk may be purchased for $0.50 per half pint. Prices are subject to change, per school board approval and state and federal regulations. Due to state legislation, students who qualify for reduced price meals receive free breakfast and lunch and all kindergarten students qualify for free breakfasts. Federal regulations require meals to be priced as a complete unit and students must pay the full price even when they choose the minimum of foods offered. In addition, if students take less than the required number of items, they will not receive the meal price, but will be charged individually (a la carte) for each item. Food and Nutrition Services is a self-supporting department and their budget is separate from the general fund. Any revenue generated covers the cost of food, equipment and labor to produce and serve the meals.  No funds are received from city or state taxes or from the funds used to educate students.

A La Carte Foods and Prices

A la carte foods and beverages, which means a single food or beverage item, may be available for purchase. Prices and selection of items vary throughout the year and are posted in the school kitchen and on the website. Meal accounts must contain the amount needed to cover the cost of a la carte purchases.

Students may purchase a la carte items using his/her pre-paid meal account, unless a parent/guardian completes the A La Carte Purchase Limit Reqeust form and submits this to the district Food and Nutrition Services office. We encourage parents to discuss with students, what is allowed or not allowed to purchase using their meal account. Limits on accounts are discouraged as they cause delays during serving times. Purchases cannot be denied if student use cash to make purchases.

Due to COVID-19, a la carte foods may not be available in the 2020-21 school year. If and when they are made available, prices will be as shown in the links below. 

Elementary A La Carte Prices 2020-21 
Middle School A La Carte Prices 2020-21
High School A La Carte Prices 2020-21 
A La Carte Purchase Limit Request form