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FeePay Online Meal Account Management

The District 191 Food and Nutrition department will no longer use FeePay effective Aug. 2. FeePay will be accessible for payments through Aug. 1, 2020.  Users will be able to access your student’s information in FeePay through Aug. 15. Balances remaining on meal accounts will transer to a new software program after a parent signs up.  

District 191 Food and Nutrition will change our online meal payment site to PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System).  PayPAMS is an online site where parents/guardians can make payments with a credit/debit card or checking account, view meal account balances, monitor purchases, and set up alerts when the balance reaches a specific amount. Starting August 3, payments can be made through  There is no transaction fee for parents/guardians to use this service. When parents sign up and add a student to PayPAMS, it may take up to 2 days to see the meal account balance. A tab for how to use PayPAMS will be added to the district website on August 3.

Through Aug 1, 2020, parents and adults may continue to pay safely and securely online for meals and food purchases using FeePay. Credit cards or electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account are acceptable methods of payment. FeePay may be used to: make online payments, view purchases, monitor meal account balances and set up and manage email alerts. 

Parents/guardians are directed to access FeePay at 

Instructions to set up a FeePay account are listed below. Contact FeePay Support at if you experience problems, first click on the question mark at the top of the page once at the FeePay website. If you still experience problems related to meal account payments, please call 952-707-2051.

Transaction fee for FeePay beginning July 1, 2019 
To cover the cost of providing the FeePay online option for paying registration costs and adding money to meal accounts, users of FeePay will incur a 4.29% per transaction fee beginning on July 1, 2019. This will include any registrations that use the FeePay service, including meal accounts, athletics and activities, and parking lot passes at Burnsville High School. To avoid transaction fees, payments may also be made with cash or by check, either at the school office for activities, athletics and parking, or school cafeteria deposit boxes for meal accounts. Checks for meal accounts make payable to ISD 191 Food Service. Please write the name of the student and their PIN on the memo line of your check.

Click here for the procedure for Student Meal Accounts: FeePay for Student Meal Accounts

Click here for the procedure for Adult Meal Account: FeePay for Adult Meal Accounts

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How soon will my payment be added to the meal account?
Your payment is verified immediately when you make it online. It is finalized in the online payment system within 24 hours and posted to the meal account on the first school day following. It may take 48-72 hours after the payment was received by the school district for the updated balance to be reflected in FeePay. 

How will I know what my account balance is?
You can see your meal account balance at any time on the FeePay online payment system by clicking on Meal Accounts.

How will I know when the meal account needs more money?
You can choose to receive an e-mail alert when your account balance reaches a specific level that you set. If you have more than one student on your FeePay account, you may set specific alerts for each student. Click on Edit Alerts in the FeePay online payment system to set your preferences.

How can I see all the payments made to the meal account?
You can see all payments made online or by cash or check, along with all of food and beverage purchases, for any range of dates, by clicking on Lunch Details in the FeePay online payment system.

How can I transfer money between students when both attend district schools?
Money may be transferred from one student's account to another by contacting the district Food and Nutrition Services department at 952-707-2051. 

How can I request a refund if my student leaves the district or graduates? 
If money is left in an account upon graduation, or a student moves out of the district, a refund can be issued by sending a written request (with your signature) to:

District Food and Nutrition Services
200 W Burnsville Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337

At the end of each school year, we will attempt to automatically transfer funds from graduating students to siblings, if the siblings are attending school in the district.
Refunds will only be issued in amounts of $10.00 or greater. Adults may request refunds if they are leaving the district and the account has $10.00 or greater.

Is there a fee to use FeePay?
Yes; to cover the cost of providing the FeePay online option, users of FeePay will incur a 4.29% per transaction fee.

Will my credit card or bank information be secure making a payment online?
FeePay is a secure site with full protection of your payment and your child’s information.

What do I do if I forget my FeePay password?
Follow  the “Forgot Password” instructions located at:​