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Strategic Roadmap

After months of public input and small group meetings with students, staff and parents, the District 191 Board of Education adopted a new vision statement and new core values at its May 27, 2021 meeting as part of the district’s Strategic Roadmap. 

The Roadmap, which includes the district’s mission, vision, values and strategic directions, was originally adopted in 2015. It establishes the overarching direction for District 191, serving as the basis for all the work done in the district and providing a measuring stick for success. 

The mission of District 191 is “Each Student. Future Ready. Community Strong.” and is not changing. New Strategic Directions, which broadly state how the district will achieve its mission and vision, have recently been added to the Roadmap.

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Our vision statement uses aspirational language to communicate our purpose — it’s the change we intend to make in the world. 

We will be a school district that provides transformative learning experiences that mirror students’ own stories, and where students will:

  • Be equipped to meet rigorous academic challenges that build their capacity to pursue excellence, 

  • Embrace the humanity of all people and welcome diverse perspectives and voices, and 

  • Be supported by a caring community that sparks their curiosity and fuels their progress down a self-determined path.


Our core values express what we stand for and what we believe in. They are our foundation. They represent the lens through which all our work is done. 

In District 191, we believe in (stand for) …  

Caring Community

Our culture will actively encourage and embrace each member of the community, creating a sense of support that fosters their individual growth and pursuit of learning.

Cultural Proficiency

Our school community will work to understand our assumptions and biases, making a commitment to value and manage cultural uniquenesses and adapt education to meet the needs of each student.

Future Readiness

Our students will know they are ready to meet every next challenge through the confidence that comes from adventurous exploration and rigorous academics.

Inclusive Partnership

Our collaboration and communication will inspire a culture of trust where students, families and staff are reflected in decisions that shape our district.

Student Agency

Our students will make choices that personalize their learning journey, proactively building a day-to-day experience that leads them toward their passion and purpose.

Strategic Directions

  • Creating space and opportunity for each and every voice to be heard

  • Actively leading by developing and sustaining a diverse and equitable education system

  • Supporting and leveraging new methods and original thinking to improve student outcomes

  • Engaging our community to ensure common understanding

Current District Strategic Roadmap

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