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blaze a path forward

2021 State of the District

Trailblazing through a Pandemic

We have been trailblazers in responding to an unprecedented challenge. It wasn’t a matter of IF we were going to make distance learning work. We only asked how we were going to make it succeed. And over the past year, that has been a mantra. Not if, but how.

- Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle

7,000 devices distributed to students.

Meals and childcare delivered consistently.

Never closed an entire school due to an outbreak.

Learning Continues

Students are learning and growing, thanks to the support of their families, and thanks to the professionalism, flexibility and dedication of our staff.  

- Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle

Looking Forward

"Becoming a PreK-12 Pathways district has been our plan for more than a year, so these announcements are not so much changes, but progress down that path." 

- Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle

One91 Pathways
students sitting on floor using student devices

In District One91, the commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) not only exposes students to a variety of concepts earlier in life, it also helps produce a sense of consistent wonder. And that’s perfect, because our elementary Pathways model is all about making discoveries and helping students love learning. 

student at desk writing in a notebook

The Pathways integration across District 191 has reached school schedules. Starting in fall 2020-2021, the Advisory period was evolved to build in social-emotional learning curriculum and career and college readiness at the middle and high school levels.

Watch the Full Address

The 2021 State of the District address originally streamed on May 20 at 12 p.m.