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Update On Elementary Students Returning To In-Person Learning

District 191 continues to plan for elementary students to return to in-person learning beginning on Feb. 1 and will provide new information as it is finalized. 

As a reminder, these changes do not affect middle or high schools at this time, which continue to be more closely tied to how many new cases there are in the community.

Families should also watch for specific school and class information from their students’ principals and teachers.

What will be the hours for the elementary school day?

The elementary bell schedule will be 9:15 a.m. to 2:55 p.m., the same as it was when schools were using the Hybrid learning model.

Students will complete specialist work (art, music, physical education, digital learning) from home through distance learning.

This schedule will help limit the number of adults in each classroom, help with scheduling student support services, avoid increased transportation costs, allow Targeted Services programs to run on time, and more.

Pre-Kindergarten at elementary school sites will resume the fall schedule with class times of 9-11:30 a.m. or 12:25-2:55 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will continue to be a distance learning day. Details will follow from your child's teacher.

Early Childhood Special Education classes at Diamondhead will continue with their same schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30 a.m.-noon and 1-3:30 p.m..

When will I get details about my child’s bus transportation?

Bus schedules for elementary students will be available during the week of Jan. 25. Please watch for updates from the district or on ParentVue.

Transportation Opt-Out option: Help reduce the number of students on each bus

If you live in an area where school bus transportation is provided for your student’s school and you are able to bring your child to school, you can help reduce the number of students on each bus by Opting Out of school bus transportation.

What safety protocols will be in place on buses?

  • Students must wear masks the entire time on the bus. An extra supply of face masks will be available on the bus.
  • Activities that require the removal of face masks, such as eating or drinking, are not allowed while on transportation regardless of whether it is for school-day transportation or for school-related activities. 
  • Seats 1 and 2 will remain empty to keep 6 feet of distance between the driver and all riders.
  • All students will be assigned seats and must stay in their seat for the entire ride. This helps with contact tracing and limits potential exposure. Attendance will be taken before students are released from the bus.
  • Buses will be ventilated, meaning they will be cold. Students should dress appropriately.
  • District 191 will review bus capacity every week with the goal of creating as much space between riders as possible.

 Technology Information and Support

  • K-5 students should bring their Chromebook with them each day to and from school unless directed by their teacher.
  • Each Chromebook was issued with a case and that case must be on the device with the student's name, school, and teacher clearly labeled. Students may decorate the case.
  • Students should charge their Chromebook each night at home and leave their charger at home. Chargers do not need to be brought to school.
  • Students who have hotspots at home should leave the hotspot at home. Hotspots do not need to be brought to school.
  • Students who have headsets at home should leave their headsets at home unless directed by the teacher to bring them to school.

If your student is having a problem with their device, please contact the Technology Department.

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