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COVID Update: District will maintain learning models for rest of year


District 191 schools will stay in their current learning models for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle announced on April 22.

Middle and high schools will continue in the hybrid model that includes 2 days per week of in-person learning for most students. Elementary schools will continue with in person learning. 

This decision does not affect students who are currently attending through the One91 Virtual Academy, and as always, it is only the case as long as public health conditions and other factors do not require a switch to distance learning. 

“This is not a decision I’ve come to lightly and I’ve reached it after consulting with our COVID Advisory Committee, hearing from staff members, and gathering input from parents,” Dr. Battle said. 

Battle pointed to several factors that affected her decision, including:

  • Rising community cases of COVID-19 in our community, especially among student and parent age groups.
  • A high positive result rate for tests, which is over 5%.
  • The greater virulence of the B 117 variant.
  • The greater risk of high numbers of students being quarantined because of the nature of student schedules at the middle and high school level.
  • A desire to protect activities, athletics, and end of year events like prom and graduation.
  • Avoiding another disruptive transition, which could include schedule and teacher assignment changes, affecting both student learning and staff working conditions.

“All year, I have been impressed and thankful for the efforts of staff, students and families to support each other during incredibly trying circumstances,” Battle said. “This has not been a ‘lost year,’ though it has been very different from any year we’ve experienced before. Our students have grown academically and have been supported emotionally, and they have gained skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.”

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