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Chromebook Loan Expectations

Through the generous support of our community, we are able to provide personal learning devices to our students to aid in their learning. These Chromebook Loan Expectations identify the understanding that the district will provide a Chromebook, power cord, and Chromebook case (grades 6-12) to students to use as loaned property. Students and families will take care of the equipment, use the equipment in accordance with our Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Policy, and return the equipment when requested or when the student leaves ISD191.

Chromebook Loan Expectations



Our Beliefs

  • FUTURE READY includes the skills and knowledge our students need to thrive in our technology-rich world.

  • EVERY student deserves opportunities to learn about technology and use technology to aid in their learning

  • STANDARDS and LEARNING drive the strategies and digital tools.

The district will: 

  1. Provide a device in good working order and good physical condition upon delivery. 

  2. Provide training opportunities for the student to learn how to use the Chromebook for their learning activities at school. 

  3. Diagnose technical issues and perform repairs. It is understood that device breakdown and repairs may result in the loss of access to the device. Because the data is stored in the cloud, students will have access to their folders and content when they log in to any device. In the event of loss or damage to the Chromebook, the district will determine the cost and family's obligation associated with any damage to the computer. 

The family and student will: 

  1. Use the device in a careful and proper manner and be responsible for loss or damage of the Chromebook. 

  2. Assume responsibility for supervising the student’s use of the device outside of school, following the guidelines of the Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Policy.

  3. Return the device, power cord and case to the school when instructed by the school or if the student leaves the district. 

  4. Contact their school’s technology department when problems arise with the Chromebook.  The student or family will NOT attempt to perform repairs.

  5. Keep the device in the case at all times. Keep the device free of stickers or writing. 

  6. Bring the device to school each day, adequately charged. Chargers should generally remain at home. 

  7. Contact the school’s main office if the device is lost or stolen.

More Information about student devices, care and repair costs can be found on the Student Devices page