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Blaze New Trails as Burnsville High School Principal

At Burnsville High School (BHS), we know the next generation will do extraordinary things. 

Our students are blazing new trails and we need a principal to help them on their journeys. If you are a Trailblazer - someone who is innovative, driven and learns from the diverse world around them on their quest for discovery - keep on reading to learn more about our school, community and hopes for our next principal to see if this journey is right for you. 

Student smiling and tipping her graduation cap

Burnsville High School: Where Passions Become Purpose


Burnsville High School is an equity-driven learning community with a population that reflects global diversity. While we have a campus of approximately 2,100 students and 190 staff, we’re often described as a tight-knit community that champions individual authenticity and uniqueness and welcomes everyone without bias. 

Students are at the core of everything we do and student voice and leadership are a valued and essential aspect of everyday life at BHS. Student groups like Student Council, Black Student Union, Burnsville Strong and Link Crew create the best school community for students through connection, service and leadership. 

Our PreK-12 Pathways model sets us apart from other school districts and the student experience culminates at BHS, where students apply their love of learning and developed sense of self to envision a future where their aspirations are truly within reach. With 14 unique pathways in four career fields, and unmatched opportunities for college credit and career certifications, Pathways enables students to blaze their own paths.

We have highly experienced and talented teachers and staff members who are invested in the success of each student and supported by a community that truly cares. With 14 pathways, 43 college credit courses and five industry certificates offered at BHS, our staff are experts in their fields and bring learning to life for students. We look for ways to make an idea work instead of saying it’s not possible, and that is seen in action in our school every day. 

One91 Pathways
oriana penaloza ortega in computer science class
Student with a headset operating a video camera
Student pouring salt into a teaspoon in the kitchen
Student Working at Computer
Student working on a car engine in the garage
Students working with tools
Students in medical gowns studying a binder
Student teacher playing a game of Connect4 with a student

As a district, I believe we are trailblazers.
We find a way forward - we find our path, even if it’s a path no one has traveled before.

- Dr. Theresa Battle, Superintendent



Burnsville High School is part of Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191, a future-forward school district creating barrier-free pathways for learning for everyone in our community. We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit, and create programs, services and opportunities that inspire this belief. 

Our core values express what we stand for and what we believe in. They are our foundation. They represent the lens through which all our work is done. In District 191, we believe in:

Caring Community
Cultural Proficiency
Future Readiness
Inclusive Partnerships
Student Agency

The district serves approximately 8,000 students who speak more than 100 different languages and employs about 1,200 staff members. It is made up of two high schools, Burnsville High School and Burnsville Alternative High School, two middle schools, eight elementary schools, a K-12 virtual academy, and a comprehensive community education program that provides opportunities for learners of all ages. 

Learn more about our mission, vision and core values

Supportive Community 

District 191 is a proud member of the Burnsville, Eagan and Savage communities. Together, we form the One91 Community. Through dynamic partnerships and a strong focus on community service, we are able to collaborate with different perspectives and people who offer unique experiences to continue to strengthen our community. Partnerships come in many forms like guest speakers in classrooms, class field trips to local businesses, job shadows, donations of materials and more. 

200+ community partners

Close to the Twin Cities

Our district is located about 15 miles south of the Twin Cities, which makes for easy access to the wealth of restaurants, theaters, sporting events and recreational activities they offer. The city of Burnsville sits on a bluff overlooking the south bank of the Minnesota River. The area features numerous restaurants and coffee shops, parks and trails, a regional mall, the Ames Performing Arts Center, portions of Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve and Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area. We are located just minutes from the Mall of America, Minnesota Zoo and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 

The Ideal Candidate

Being a high school principal is a big job and while every candidate brings their unique experiences, here are a few qualities we’ve identified that will help the ideal candidate be successful in leading our school and blazing a path forward. 


You make sure all voices are heard, all students and staff are supported and all backgrounds are respected. You have the ability to connect with and support students and staff from a variety of cultures, walks of life and needs. 


With an insatiable desire to understand what lies beneath the surface, you’re always looking for new ways to gain perspective and expand your understanding.


You know enthusiasm and commitment make a difference and that’s why you pour yourself into everything you do. With energy and determination that knows no boundaries, you inspire others to rally behind our efforts.

Relationship Builder

You know there is power in numbers and we’re better as a community when we build authentic relationships built on trust and respect. You’re excited about engaging with students, staff, families and our community and being present and involved.


You’re an out-of-the-box thinker and maker. You’re fearless when challenges are presented, seeing solutions others might not see. You’re introspective, but value the insights others share when solving big problems with a team.


You move forward without bias, always leaving space for authentic experiences that enrich your life. You also value opportunities to partner with people with different perspectives and unique experiences.



By now we hope to have piqued your interest in this position and you might be wondering if it’s a good fit for you and your family. We offer the following competitive benefits. 

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Ready to Learn More? 

If you are interested in this position but want to learn more before you apply, sign-up below to receive a few emails and a mailing specifically about the BHS principal position. You’ll hear from Dr. Battle and learn more about this exciting opportunity to blaze a trail for Burnsville High School and direct your career path toward an amazing destination. 

BHS Principal Position Interest Form

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Ready to Apply? Start Your Journey.

We’re happy to hear you’re ready to apply to be the next BHS principal. Please complete our application and a member of our Human Resources team will connect with you with the next steps. Our hope is to have a new principal announced this spring, so if you are considering applying, please do so soon! 

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