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Meal Accounts & Payments

When a student registers in District 191, the Food and Nutrition Services department creates a meal account for the student with a unique personal identification number (PIN). The student enters this PIN into a keypad at the cashier station in the cafeteria to pay for meals and a la carte foods and beverages. Students keep the same PIN from year to year while enrolled in the district.

PIN Pads

Practice using a PIN Pad for school meals.



Make a Payment

All food, beverage, and meals are to be pre-paid before service begins. Once a student's meal account falls below $0 (zero dollars), we will follow the Student Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure. We are committed to ensuring all students can succeed at school, therefore we will not deny a student a meal, even if their meal account is below $0.

Pay Online

Depositing money into accounts is best accomplished using PayPAMS. It takes between 24 and 72 hours to get funds into the student account at the school. There is no fee to parents/guardians for using the online payment system.

Pay by Check

Checks may also be sent to school with your student and placed in the check deposit box or given to the Food Service Manager. Checks should be made out to ISD 191 Food Service. Please write the name of the student and their PIN on the memo line of your check. Cash may also be sent with your student, however, we discourage this practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unpaid Meal Accounts

Apply for Educational Benefits

All families are encouraged to submit an Application for Educational Benefits to determine if students qualify for free or reduced price meals. The application is also available in school buildings. Families will be notified whether or not they qualify for benefits. Until an application is approved and notice has been received, parents/guardians are responsible for providing meals from home or money for school meals.

School Meals

Learn about nutritional information and meal pricing.

Meal Pricing Info

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