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District Branding

Consistent branding is vital in creating and maintaining a positive relationship between an organization and its audiences. More than district marketing materials and logos, branding is a way to effectively tell the district story over time. By communicating who we are in a consistent, compelling manner, we can encourage students, families, staff and community members to participate in and share the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District experience. 

Who Represents the Brand

All District 191 staff are responsible for being “brand ambassadors” and representing the District 191 brand in a consistent way. This means ensuring that any design materials, website content and social media posts should align with the brand guidelines. Every interaction with our stakeholders is an opportunity to build the strength of the District 191 brand.

Each Student. Future Ready. Community Strong.

The official brand tagline and mission statement is Each Student. Future Ready. Community Strong. It conveys our promise as an organization in a succinct way. It also summarizes three brand messaging pillars that describe what makes District 191 unique. The brand messaging pillars are a guide for branded content: when creating content or visuals, including photographs, bring at least one of the messaging pillars to life.


We believe people thrive when they can bring their true self to the table. Whether it’s students, staff or community members, we champion individual authenticity and uniqueness, welcoming everyone without bias. Alienation is the enemy of community.


We aren’t afraid of putting in extra effort. We set the bar high for ourselves and those around us, working toward goals others might shy away from because selfdiscovery is amplified when our limits reach beyond the horizon line. We believe life-long learners are are powered by a mind that never rests and the persistently curious always lead innovation. We remove barriers to oppportunities that prepare students for their futures.


District 191 plays a vital role in what makes our communities thrive. Through dynamic partnerships and community service, three cities become one vibrant community. We move forward without bias, always leaving space for authentic experiences that enrich our lives. We also value opportunities to partner with people with different perspectives and unique experiences.

Download the Brand Guide

First page of the PDF file: Brand-Guidelines



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