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District 191 is committed to providing safe and healthy in-person instruction for all students while continuing to address the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will continue many of our current mitigation strategies, including increased ventilation and filtration, promoting physical distancing, case tracking and surveillance, supporting students and staff to stay home when sick, and providing testing and vaccination resources. 

The health and safety guidelines here have been developed based on guidance from health experts, in consideration of the current community health situation, and in consultation with our COVID-19 Advisory Committee. In particular, the district looks at the information listed below in developing its guidelines and making decisions. 



  • Adequate staff

  • Capacity to fill absences

See the district's COVID data and trends on our Dashboard


Health & Safety Guidelines

Continual Review

District 191 will continue to monitor health conditions in our programs and in the community, as well as guidance from state and federal health officials, and make adjustments to this guidance as needed.