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Commitment to Equity

District Equity Plan

Establish and implement a comprehensive Culturally Proficient School System framework (CPSS) which ensures learning disparities amongst student groups are eliminated resulting in every student being Future Ready, Community Strong at graduation.

District Equity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that educational equity, access and excellence is provided for each learner. Each of the school district’s students deserves respectful learning environments in which the student’s identity and background is valued and contributes to successful academic outcomes for all students.

  1. School district administration will develop, support, model, and sustain a system that provides equal opportunity to all students and equitable access to supports each student needs to overcome barriers to success.
  2. School district administration will create multiple pathways to success in order to meet the needs of each learner and will actively encourage, support and expect high academic achievement for all.
  3. School district administration will monitor policies, programs and practices to ensure educational equity and access and work to eliminate racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and different-ability disparities in all district and school-level programs.
  4. School district administration will develop processes that uphold the district’s commitment to equal opportunities and equitable access to supports.