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Three BHS sophomores honored at BestPrep Educational Forum

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Three BHS sophomores honored at BestPrep Educational Forum

Burnsville High School sophomores Katie Nguyen, Reese Kanu and Sergey Popov were named statewide top 20 finalists in the BestPrep’s Student Spotlight Contest. They were honored at the BestPrep Educational Forum Feb. 8 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. 

Students submitted a written essay, a video or electronic piece (musical, spoken word or dance performance), and an art project (sculpture, painting, drawing or freestanding object). The BestPrep competition is based on a question prompt from author John Hope Bryant, who writes about the five pillars needed for success: education, financial literacy, self-esteem and confidence, family structure and role models. Bryant asks students to explain through the various projects how and why these pillars will be key to their success.

“My piece was to show others my personal belief on confidence,” Popov said. “Sometimes people don't have confidence and they use a different personality to portray their confidence. I see it all the time and it inspired me to draw this art piece.”

Kanu paired a sculpture with a poem for their art submission.

“My poem had elements of doubt and courage, as well as cultural background and the colors that I used  - the reds and oranges, deep colors - are often used to represent creativity, power and confidence. These are also colors you can connect with African countries and places,” Kanu said. “My thoughts on receiving this (recognition) were nothing but excitement and nervousness. I’ve always looked forward to putting my art out there for people to see but knowing that it’s out there scares me too. I am happy to receive this opportunity though.”

“Our students took that prompt to heart, reflecting on their journey and looking ahead at their intended path. Our award winners' entries were engaging, inspiring, thoughtful and beautiful,” BHS AVID teacher Danielle Christy said. “With the competition being open to all Minnesota 9-12th graders, it's such an honor for these three students to be selected. We're very proud of our three award winners, as well as all AVID 10 students who submitted an entry to the BestPrep Student Spotlight Competition.”

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