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Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle's mid-year message to families

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Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle's mid-year message to families

Hello One91 Community, 

With the passing of winter break and the start of January, we’ve just about reached the mid-point of this school year. 

Sometimes, because of the weather or the shorter days, these weeks can feel like the doldrums of the school year. At times like that, I like to reflect on the progress we’ve made on achieving our goals this year and look ahead to what’s still to come. It helps me feel the positive momentum of the year and gets me excited about where we’re headed here in One91. 

Two big things that started this fall that I have been thinking about recently are the new Associate of Arts program at Burnsville High School and the expansion of our “Grow Your Own” efforts to develop new teachers. 

The new Associate of Arts program is a partnership with Inver Hills Community College that allows Burnsville High School students the chance to earn their Associates degree by the time they graduate high school and without ever having to leave the BHS campus. No tuition, no worries about transportation, no worries about missing activities or athletics, and all the support they expect from counselors and teachers they know. It’s a huge bonus for many students and families, and it’s a program I expect to grow in the coming years. 

We also received a new “Grow Your Own” grant this fall that’s helping our current employees earn teaching licenses. This is in addition to the “Grow Your Own” scholarships our students are receiving as they pursue degrees and eventually careers in education. This year, 13 District 191 staff members are participating and I’m so excited that we’re able to help them on their professional pathway, AND that they’ll continue to make positive impacts on the lives of our students. 

Looking forward, students from 5th through 11th grades are just about to start registering for next year’s classes, if you can believe it. 

I know as a parent, it can be both exciting and a little scary as our children are planning and taking steps for their future. I know our schools try to support students and families as much as possible, especially with the big transitions from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school. 

Students will have already visited BHS or their future middle school, and been visited by counselors or student leaders from those schools. 

In the coming weeks, families will have the opportunity to visit those schools at Explore nights, events designed to help future students feel connected to, comfortable with and excited about their next steps. Families of 5th and 8th graders should watch for more information soon.

That’s also true for some of our youngest learners as Kindergarten Information Nights are just around the corner. 

There’s always a lot happening in District 191. After all, growth is what we’re all about. But I’m thankful for the small breaks we have and the turnings of the calendar that give us a chance to breathe and reflect on our journey together. 

I hope you all have the chance to do that, too, and then I hope you’ll join me in looking forward with excitement at what comes next. 

Thank you and thank you for being part of the One91 Community. 

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