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Spotlighting Jessica Fallas from One91 School for Adults

Spotlighting Jessica Fallas from One91 School for Adults

Jessica Fallas never expected to be starting a new life in Minnesota. 

Fallas, who lived in Costa Rica, came here on vacation to visit a friend in October 2021. She looked forward to seeing the fall colors on the trees and experiencing her first snow fall. During her trip, Fallas ended up meeting the man that a year later would become her husband. 

“When I first came here I was never thinking I would maybe find a boyfriend or a husband. That changed my life,” she said.

Fallas worked as a dental assistant in Costa Rica. She learned upon looking for work that she didn’t have the qualifications to hold a similar position in Minnesota. She said that speaking only Spanish made it difficult to apply for the kinds of jobs she was interested in. 

Fallas decided to enroll in a nearby district’s English Learner program in February, but said it wasn’t the right fit. She started in the One91 School for Adults in September and said she was impressed right away with the instruction she received and the space dedicated to Adult Basic Education.

“My husband helped me look for a school and when I saw this school, it was closer to my house and I just loved it,” she said. “On the first day, I said this was a good decision. I understand the teachers. They speak slowly and you can ask questions. They understand me and they work with me.”

Fallas hopes that by furthering her education and improving her English, she will open up even more career opportunities. She’s open to returning to a career as a dental assistant but is also interested in fitness and would like to become a personal trainer.

“I want to grow personally and professionally,” she said. “This is a new opportunity to grow and get a better job for my future.”

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