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Partnership with Burnsville Fire preparing students for EMT certification

Partnership with Burnsville Fire preparing students for EMT certification

Burnsville Fire Chief B.J. Jungmann is working directly with students who are learning CPR in the new Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class taught by Dr. Anne (Werner) Dempsey at Burnsville High School. Students are working in pairs to use dummies to practice their skills and Jungmann and Dempsey move from group to group providing instruction and feedback.

The Burnsville Fire Department is a key player in the EMT class that is part of the Health Services & Human Services Pathway at the school. Students are learning to be first responders, making split-second decisions in medical emergencies. EMTs work on ambulances, fire trucks, medical helicopters and even on the side of athletics fields.

When they are 18 years old and have passed a national certifying exam, students could begin working as an EMT for a fire department, hospital or private ambulance provider. They could also take further courses to become a paramedic. The course is a great foundation for every medical career.

Jungmann became interested in his career because his dad was a volunteer firefighter for 33 years.

“Students may not understand what the job is like or know what it takes to be an EMT or firefighter,” said Jungmann. “This class may pique their interest and hopefully get them passionate about the career field.”

Later in the class, students will do ride-alongs which Jungmann predicts will have impact.

“They’ll see EMTs in action,” he said. “It becomes more real then.”

The course covers topics like patient assessment, trauma management, recognition and care of heart disease, respiratory problems and other medical emergencies.

Inver Hills Community College has been another important partner in the development of the program. The college provided a team of paramedics to deliver additional training for Dempsey, a chiropractor, and also partnered with Burnsville High School to offer the concurrent class, in which students can earn nine college credits.

The class is part of the Burnsville High School’s Pathways program, which helps students find their interests and take classes to prepare for successful futures. 

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