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Each Student. Future Ready. Community Strong. 

The District 191 mission statement is simple compared to a lot of organizations, but it’s clear and we mean every word of it. 

In the Spring/Summer issue of Wayfinder, you’ll find stories that focus on those last two words: Community Strong. 

We’re not a collection of schools that happen to be in the Burnsville, Eagan and Savage communities. We are an integral part of those communities and those communities are an integral part of who we are. We all succeed together. We struggle together. We find our way forward together. 

That’s true on the big scale, and it’s true on the individual level. Each of us - students, staff members, parents, business owners, elected officials and even superintendents - can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors through service. 

And do we ever! 

This year alone, Burnsville High School students gave nearly 8,000 hours of their time to community service, representing an impact of nearly $250,000 in value. That’s just one school and only what they recorded through the school’s service program. 

There is a tradition of community service in District 191 that goes back decades. In these pages, you’ll see that commitment to making the world a better place is as strong as ever and includes longtime residents and our youngest students. It’s one of the things that most attracted me to this community. We truly are ONE91.   

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