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Grant will provide One91 VA students with home learning kits

Grant will provide One91 VA students with home learning kits


Kindergarten students in the One91 Virtual Academy will have plenty of the supplies they need to engage in hands-on learning activities at home thanks to a $3,000 grant it recently received from the Education Minnesota Foundation. 

The Bringing Virtual Learning to Life grant provides each student with a home learning kit that includes Play-Doh, pool noodles, a whiteboard with a marker and eraser, and math and literacy manipulatives. The grant also allows One91 Virtual Academy to mail students materials like books throughout the year and will fund events like a winter party and kindergarten graduation. 

The grant will fund these supplies and events for the 2022-23 school year. The school can apply for the grant again next year. 

“The overall goal of this project is to increase learning and test scores. We strive for a school that meets the needs of all students, including those who learn best with hands-on activities or concrete learning,” Virtual Academy kindergarten teacher Tanja Putman said. “It will also give students books of their own that they can keep. This can help foster a love for reading and in turn improve reading ability and add fun to our learning time, which also improves learning. It will be great for our students!”

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