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‘Enrichment Academy’ at Rahn Elementary focuses on curiosity, creativity and achievement

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‘Enrichment Academy’ at Rahn Elementary focuses on curiosity, creativity and achievement

Rahn Elementary is focused on three values: curiosity, creativity and achievement. The school’s mission is for students to embrace their unique talents and strive to do great things. 

A variety of activities and learning have been built into the school day to focus on these values. One in particular is Rahn’s “Enrichment Academy,” a new program centered on providing students with new experiences connected to their individual interests.

In Enrichment Academy, every student gets to choose an activity they want to explore, like learning to juggle, playing the ukulele or speaking French. For one hour of the school day and three times per semester, the entire school is engaged in the learning and exploration of a new experience. Students choose a new activity to explore in the second semester. 

“When students are connected and engaged in school, they achieve great things,” said Rahn Principal Brad Robb. “We are excited about how this program will make long-lasting memories and build an even stronger Rahn community.” 

Like One91 Pathways, Enrichment Academy aims to introduce elementary students to different experiences to spark curiosity, wonder and a love of learning. 

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