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Burnsville High School senior earns scholarship to Minneapolis College of Art and Design summer program  

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Oudam Ul, an outstanding student who is passionate about art, has been awarded a Pre-College Studio Intensive Scholarship from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). 

Oudam was selected based on receiving an Award of Achievement in the South Suburban Conference Visual Arts Exhibit. This scholarship will enable Oudam to work in MCAD's professional painting classroom to hone his skills and define his creative vision. 

Using traditional painting media, Oudam will have the chance to explore the wide range of techniques used by fine artists and add advanced work to his portfolio.

“It’s super exciting seeing students so involved in art and having the courage to want to share that with others,” said Edson Rosas, admissions counselor at MCAD. “I hope Oudam continues down this creative path and continues to share his work with us!”

“This scholarship will empower Oudam to attend this course tuition-free while earning college credit,” said Nicole Soley, art teacher. “We are particularly proud of Oudam’s work. We [art department teachers] have all had Oudam in our courses, and it has been a joy!”

“It is such a great opportunity for me to earn this scholarship,” said Oudam. “It’s opening the doors to pursue my dreams and the first step into the real art world — that’s what I am really grateful for.” 

 The fine arts program at Burnsville High School is part of District One91 Pathways, where students apply their love of learning and developed sense of self to envision a future where their aspirations are truly within reach. 

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