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Blaze Cafe empowers, prepares students to take on challenges with confidence

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Blaze Cafe empowers, prepares students to take on challenges with confidence

Six years ago, special education teacher Jeffrey Webber created the Blaze Cafe as a way for students to engage in real-world experiences but in a safe and supportive environment. 

Blaze Cafe students serve coffee at BHS

The Blaze Cafe at Burnsville High School is a beverage delivery service that helps students learn a variety of skills, like teamwork, listening, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking. Students have a hand in each part of the program, from preparing beverages and delivering drinks to staff throughout the building to processing orders and cleaning up. 

“It gives students the skills in-house, rather than taking them someplace else,” said Webber. 

“The Blazing Cafe is an example of three of our One91 core values — caring community, future readiness, student agency — in action,” said Assistant Superintendent Chris Bellmont. “When I see the confidence and cultivated presence our students display, I know their agency is being nurtured, and they can have ownership over their passions and purpose.”

Not only does Blaze Cafe prepare students for future employment opportunities, but it truly reflects the district mission of ensuring that Each Student is Future Ready and Community Strong.

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