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Partnership with Families

Ensuring the success of Distance Learning takes a partnership of students, teachers, and caregivers. During this transition to Distance Learning, it is not the expectation that families and caregivers will be homeschooling their children. The classroom teachers are expected to deliver instruction that fits each grade level of students. Lessons will include presentations or demonstrations, video messages, a time of independent practice or work time, and opportunities to connect with teachers online, by phone/voicemail, and email. Because students are not physically in the classroom, we are asking that families support the learning with the following:

1.  Establish routines and expectations

One91 encourages families to set regular hours for their children’s school work.  We suggest students begin their work at the same time as their regular school day, and it is helpful if adults can do a daily check in with students to make sure they are keeping connected.  Keep normal bedtime and morning routines in place. Build in breaks so that your children can move regularly. 

2. Create a space for your child to “be at school.”

We encourage families to find a space or location where their children will do their learning most of the time.  It is helpful if it is a shared space so as to not isolate the child. Students may also need a place that can be quiet at times.  Above all, it should be a place where parents and caregivers can check in on their children’s learning.

3.  Keep connected to your children’s teachers

Teachers will communicate with families through email, SeeSaw or Schoology, and phone calls. Especially in the first couple of weeks teachers and staff will be checking in with families regularly to be sure that students have what they need to actively participate in the learning.  One91 encourages parents to contact their children’s teachers. Teachers have set office hours for availability and will respond during those times. We ask for your patience as our teachers learn these new systems along with you and the students. We also encourage parents to have their children explain the Learning Management System (eg. Seesaw, Schoology) teachers are using.

4.  Help your child take responsibility for their learning

Many times students will look to the adults at home to help them overcome difficult materials. Your child needs to own their work; don’t complete assignments for them, even when they are struggling.  Instead try to help them problem-solve to move forward, or reach out to their teacher. Teachers and other staff want to support each student and will welcome questions and requests for help. 

5.  Encourage physical activity and/or exercise

Make sure your child remembers to move and exercise.  This is vitally important to their health, well being, and to their learning.  One91’s physical education teachers will recommend activities or exercises for different types of home settings. Encourage your child to take wiggle breaks or quick walk arounds if they are losing focus. 

6.  Remain mindful of your child’s stress or worry

We understand that this is a new and somewhat confusing time. They may also be feeling a loss of the routines and social interactions of school. If you are looking for resources in helping your child manage the worry, anxiety, and range of emotions they may experience, please do not hesitate to reach out. Counselors, social workers and other support staff are available to provide support to students and families. Contact your child’s school and ask to speak to a counselor or social worker.

7.  Monitor how much time your child is spending online

We do not want students staring at computer screens for seven to eight hours a day.  We ask that parents keep this in mind during Distance Learning. Teachers will be creating lessons and activities that will have both online and offline components.  Teachers will periodically check in with you about what you are seeing at home and what we need to adjust. We thank you in advance for your patience and partnership!