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Early Learning

During Distance Learning, programming for all early learning students will continue. We remain committed to our priorities during this school closure period and are striving to provide parent support, early learning activities and a sense of community through available tools. 

Priorities for Distance Learning

  • Promote safety and health for children, families, staff and communities
  • Provide support for children and families throughout this unique experience
  • Provide and maximize early learning and family engagement opportunities through available tools to serve children and families in meaningful ways

Considerations for young children

Parents are a child’s first and most influential teacher. You are already supporting your child’s growth and learning daily through conversation, daily routines and new experiences! Use the learning experiences provided by your child’s teacher as they fit into your family needs and routines. 

As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to care for yourself as well as your child. Children need the adults in their lives to remain calm and able to care for them in appropriate ways. If you need additional support as a parent, please reach out to your teacher to connect you with additional resources.  Your child’s relationship with you matters most right now.

Your child’s teacher continues to be an important adult for your child.  Using Seesaw or other means of communication per your request, allows your child to maintain this relationship and increases your child’s experience of stability during this time.

Most children respond well to a consistent daily routine.  This may mean you are experiencing a “new normal” for your daily routines at this time.  You are encouraged to include the distance learning experiences as part of your new routine. This may mean checking the daily message each instructional day at the time your child would normally attend school. 

Communication with families

Teachers will use Seesaw to communicate daily messages, stories and activities for learning with parents and caregivers.  If you need assistance learning to use Seesaw, please see the family link here. If you would like to be contacted in another way, please communicate directly with your child’s teacher by phone or email. 

Preschool/Pre-kindergarten time commitments: 

30-40 minutes of time each instructional day is built into the plan.  Activities can be done throughout the day and at your child’s pace, starting with 10-15 minutes at a time.


Attendance will be recorded by noting any response to the posted daily message or sharing about your child’s experience with the provided activities.