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Distance Learning

District 191 will implement distance learning beginning Monday, March 30 through at least May 4.  

Distance Learning provides students with access to appropriate educational materials and ensures they receive daily interaction with their licensed teachers. During this extended time, Distance Learning will be a different way for teachers to connect and provide instruction to students. Lessons will be carefully planned so students will continue to progress with their learning and improve their skills. 

Students will be asked to use the school-provided devices to access lessons and presentations from their teachers. Teachers will ask students to work on tasks and practice their skills using the many tools and applications available on their devices. Teachers may also have materials sent to students electronically or in printed form. Students will have one day per week to work on assignments, independent practice in math or reading, or projects. Teachers will be available to respond to student questions or provide additional support as needed. 

The Minnesota Department of Education requires that schools provide materials for students to continue their learning. Each school will determine the most appropriate way to communicate and provide instruction for each student, including some/all of the following:

  • Paper packets or worksheets (delivery would have to be arranged)
  • Textbooks and print materials
  • Telephone instruction
  • Online resources
  • Instruction via the school’s learning management system (LMS)


Teachers will be expected to provide new lessons and activities each week. Student instruction days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Teachers will be available by email, phone or online 8:15AM - 11:30AM and 1:15PM - 4:00PM on those days. Wednesdays will be work days for students. Wednesdays will be a time for students to work on assignments, independent practice in math or reading, or projects. Teachers will be attending grade level and content areas meetings and professional development on Wednesdays and will be able to respond to students and parents the next day. 

Students will be expected to check in each day as directed by the teacher. 

Video Conferencing

Distance Learning is challenging us to find new and creative ways to check in and teach our students. One powerful way to connect is through video conferencing through applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and Schoology Conferences. Your child’s teacher may use video conferencing to check in with individual students or the whole class or for instruction. Learn more about video conferencing and student safety.

Student Expectations

In order for students to move forward in their learning and make progress toward their mastery of academic standards, they are expected to engage in school activities for a standard amount of time. This time may include interaction with lessons provided by the teachers, completing assignments, accessing resources and materials, reading, practicing skills, and participating in activities with other students. Students should expect the following time commitments: 

  • High school - 100 minutes per week for each class (CIS and AP classes may require more time in order to meet the requirements of those programs including assessments)
  • Middle school - 80-100 minutes per week for classes that met daily and 40-50 minute for Black/Gold Day classes
  • Elementary - lessons will be focused on relationships & connection, reading & writing, and math
    • Grades K-2: 60 minutes per day
    • Grades 3: 90 minutes per day
    • Grades 4-5: 120 minutes per day


Teachers will collect assignments from students and monitor progress toward learning targets. All student work will be evaluated, and secondary teachers will continue to post grades. Elementary teachers will continue to evaluate student work and provide feedback. Teachers will continue to communicate with parents and families about their children’s progress.

While the MN Department of Education has cancelled the MN Comprehensive Assessments for this year, students will still be asked to participate in other types of assessments that have yet to be determined.

See the complete Distance Learning Plan