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#BurnsvilleStrong first appeared in 2014 in response to several tragedies involving Burnsville students and recent graduates. Led by Burnsville High School teachers Jen Waller-McDevitt and Dave McDevitt, organizers wanted to rally community members around local youths and let them know that their community supports them and encourages their well being.

Since the hashtag first appeared, #BurnsvilleStrong has grown, fostering community through events, fund-raisers and awareness campaigns. 

Starting in the fall of 2015, #BurnsvilleStrong is becoming a mentoring program at Burnsville High School, capitalizing on positive momentum built over the past year. 


Students in #BurnsvilleStrong will:

  • provide positive and engaging leadership within BHS
  • be active in the Sophomore day with own “seminar session”
  • mentor students in distress
  • promote academic support and activity involvement
  • be supports for new students entering BHS


#BurnsvilleStrong team members will become leaders in our BHS Community because we:

  • Serve the unique needs of our student body through peer support and mentoring
  • Provide relevant and engaging supports for students to develop a sense of belonging at BHS
  • Model supportive behaviors and interactions
  • Evolve with the changing needs of our students

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