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6 Books about friendship for kindergarten families

Mar19th Two students reading. 6 books about friendship

Kindergarten teachers in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 do a lot in the first few weeks of school to help students make friends. One of the things that families can do at home to help...

School/District: isd191

Making Friends in Kindergarten

Mar19th Making Friends in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is such an exciting time for families and students, but it can also spark questions about how their student will make friends. Learn how kindergarten teachers in Burnsville-Eagan-...

School/District: isd191

VIDEO: What is a typical day in Kindergarten like?

Jan23rd Typical Day in Kindergarten

When it comes to kindergarten, no day is typical. It's a time for extraordinary growth as students establish a love of learning and an excitement for school.  Generally, the day starts...

School/District: isd191

Kindergarten in One91


School/District: isd191