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Question 1: Five Fast Facts

Q1: Buildings for Learning

Question 1 on the ballot is a $65 million funding request that would allow the district to organize schools to better support learning, improve security at schools, and relocate programs and repurpose offices to be more efficient and effective. Read below for more details on these three parts of Vision One91.



Reorganizing Schools

If approved by voters, Question 1 would provide $58.3 million for adding and remodeling classrooms and other spaces at several schools, including the following:

Change Rationale Concept Drawings
Adding classrooms and an activity center at Burnsville High School to accommodate grades 9-12, instead of the current 10-12 plus senior campus configuration
  • Additional space is needed to serve up to 2,800 students
  • Creates a cohesive, single high school campus
  • Provides additional space for physical education and health classes, school athletics and activities, and community activities
BHS Preliminary Drawing
Remodel some elementary schools to provide appropriately-sized kindergarten classrooms
  • With the addition of full-day kindergarten for all students, more kindergarten-specific classes are needed

Sky Oaks Elementary 

Harriet Bishop Elementary

Remove aging portable classrooms at William Byrne and replace with permanent classroom addition
  • Provides a connected, appropriate classroom space at a school that is over capacity
William Byrne Elementary
Additional improvements at elementary schools
  • Providing improved media center spaces, classroom spaces and labs at elementary schools

Rahn Elementary

Sky Oaks Elementary

William Byrne Elementary


Improved Security

Question 1 would provide $3.6 million to provide secure entries at four schools and upgrading surveillance cameras where needed. Concept drawings of the secure entries are:


Relocate Programs/Repurpose Offices

Question 1 would provide $3.1 million to relocate programs and repurpose offices, including the following: 

Change  Rationale Concept Drawings
Closing the Senior Campus at Diamondhead, and repurposing spaces for early childhood programming, adult basic education, college readiness, professional development and district administrative services offices
  • Expands space available for early childhood programming
  • Reduces costs associated with leasing Hamilton building for early childhood program
  • Provides additional, dedicated space for professional development
  • Consolidates districtwide employees in one space for more efficient/integrated work environment
Diamondhead Education Center
Move BEST (District 191's transition program for 18- to 21-year-old students with disabilities) to current Administrative Services Center 
  • Reduces costs associated with leasing space for BEST
  • Provides updated, appropriate facilities for BEST and CORE programs