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Vision One91 Construction

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News Vision One91 Construction Update - July 20, 2015

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News - Burnsville High School groundbreaking set for May 28




As part of Vision One91, voters approved $65 million in spending on construction projects to prepare buildings for new grade configurations, improve security at schools throughout the district, and make additional improvements to allow for more effective and efficient programming. Construction projects began in the summer of 2015 and will continue through the start of the 2016-17 school year.

Burnsville High School

Additions are planned in several areas at Burnsville High School. Click to enlarge

Perhaps the most dramatic and visible changes will take place at Burnsville High School. Starting in 2016-17, the school will host all students in grades 9-12. To accommodate these students and provide the education that will prepare them to be real-world ready, new classrooms, flexible learning spaces, science rooms, activities space and more are being added to the school.

Download the Architect's Presentation for More Details

Changes will also include parking lot and traffic flow improvements.

Site demolition and other construction activities began in mid-June 2015 and will continue throughout the 2015-16 school year. Walls are expected to start rising by December, with interior work beginning shortly after and being substantially complete by August 2016.

Senior Campus/Diamondhead Education Center

Construction began in June 2015 to improve the lower level of Diamondhead Education Center. The primary changes will include more space for early childhood classes. Adult basic education classes and the district's Welcome Center will be moved to the upper level.

With 12th graders moving to Burnsville High School for the full day, the current Senior Campus will be transformed into improved and expanded learning spaces for adults taking classes to advance in their professions and also for those earning high school degrees or improving English language skills. The current Administrative Services Center (ASC) at 100 River Ridge Court is being renovated for the district's BEST program for young adults, ages 18-21, who qualify for special education services. So district employees, now at the ASC, will be moving to Diamondhead in office space currently used by the senior campus staff. That work will be completed during the summer of 2016.

See preliminary plans

Security & Other School Improvements

Improvements at other schools will primarily be focused on improving security through more controlled entrances. However, some schools will also receive remodels to improve or expand instructional spaces. Click on the school name below to see preliminary plans.