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Matt's Journey into Auto Repair and Teaching

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Experience One91 Blaze Your Path

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 is a future-forward school district creating barrier-free pathways for learning for everyone in our community. We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit, and create programs, services and opportunities that inspire this belief. 

Elementary School Spark Wonder

For elementary learners in District 191, we begin to unpack the world of possibilities and explore healthy and meaningful expression. We want students to experience joy and growth, and to nurture curiosity as they consider the future.

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Middle School Fuel Exploration

Grades 6–8 are marked by a time of self-discovery and finding belonging. We want students to feel empowered and excited as they begin to think about their high school experience.

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High School Blaze your Path

With a host of opportunities, high school students apply their love of learning and developed sense of self to envision a future where their aspirations are truly within reach.

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News & EventsOne91 Stories

Girls on the Run empowers elementary students

This spring marks the 10th straight year elementary students in District 191 have participated in Girls on the Run. The program promotes the development of students’ social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills. Online registration is now open. 

shawna bruha playing tennis

Senior Shawna Bruha received the 2023 Athena Award, which recognizes outstanding high school female student-athletes for their athletic accomplishments. The Athena Award, named for the Greek goddess of wisdom and skills, is based on excellence in individual sports or for participation and accomplishments in team sports.

Sara Zamudio at the science fair

Thirteen Burnsville High School students are headed to the state science fair after presenting their research papers and projects at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair (TCRSF) in early March. Sophomore Sara Zamudio qualified for an all-expense-paid trip to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Dallas, as well as earning more awards than anyone else at the fair. 

jeff and kara schwenn at hidden valley elementary

In early February, Burnsville High School alumna Kara Schwenn returned to her childhood school, Hidden Valley Elementary, to begin teaching as a substitute. One of her colleagues is her father, Jeff Schwenn, who's now in his 17th year at the school.

school counselor at eagle ridge middle school

Schools in District 191 prioritize supporting each student’s social, emotional, mental and physical health on a daily basis so that students have all the tools they need to succeed. Student Support Teams made up of social workers, behavior analysts, psychologists, nurses, counselors, and cultural liaisons work to identify and address students’ needs, provide support and build valuable relationships with families. Their work is an essential part of what we do in One91. 

bhs alum elizabeth mccormick with her diploma at the university of minnesota

For Elizabeth McCormick, an assignment in ninth grade English class got her worried and sparked a passion for finding who she was and what she wanted to be. As part of an autobiography writing exercise, students were asked to write about their passion. Instead of having an easy answer, Elizabeth started thinking about what her passion was or what it could be. This quest for self discovery led her down a path of trying new things, organizing and finding another way. 

Photo of Superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle

The Profile is a totally new endeavor for District 191. We’ve had our Strategic Roadmap, which outlines our mission, vision and strategic directions, for more than a decade. That Roadmap makes clear our priorities as a district, helps define who we are, and provides direction for our work, especially as we make decisions about how we spend money and develop programs. 

Diamondhead Education Center, 200 West Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville

TestimonialsBecome a Beacon

Megan Hasse
Meagan Haase

The healthcare core curriculum has shaped me into a better person by improving my work ethic and communication skills.

Oriana Penaloza-Ortega
Oriana Penaloza-Ortega

Start exploring early, so you can discover what you like and what inspires you to do meaningful things.

Eloisa Carrasco
Eloisa Carrasco

Choose classes that involve you in something you like or are good at doing. Not only will you do well, but you will enjoy being in class.

abdi abdullahi
Abdi Abdullahi

When you see a chef expressing himself or herself on the plate in so many unique ways, the food essentially becomes art.