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myON is a personalized literacy ecosystem that provides access to the largest integrated collection of digital books with reading supports, customized to a student’s interest and reading abilities and includes reporting capabilities for students and teachers to track reading progress. In addition, students have access to myON’s Literacy Toolkit that supports the development of active reading skills using tools to interact with text such as highlighting, drawing tool, sticky notes, journal, citation creator and now a complete writing component. Created to enhance the reading experience, myON develops a personalized approach for each student to encourage reading and increase student achievement.

myON is based on a personalized approach by initially prompting students to take an interest inventory to decide what types of books they are interested in reading, and a placement test to determine reading ability. Based on those results, myON generates a recommended book list that is 50 Lexile® points above their reading level & 100 Lexile® points below their reading level to maximize reading growth. myON enables anytime, anywhere access to digital books that students can read, rate, review, and share with classmates through safe social networking. Through embedded assessments – end of book quizzes and benchmark quizzes – myON allows educators, student, and families to monitor, track and measure student reading growth. myON was designed for all students at all levels. 

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